EMRF Study Analyzes Reliability of Electricity Market Types

The Electric Market Research Foundation, or EMRF, recently released the results of a new statistical study indicating that geographical regions served by traditionally regulated utility companies have access to more reliable electricity than do regions with restructured electricity markets. Traditionally regulated utility markets are those markets that are based on the customary requirements and regulation […]

India makes big plans for solar energy projects

The government of India recently announced that this year’s national budget includes $165 million worth of funding for various projects using solar power that will benefit the whole country. One part of India’s renewable energy plan includes the construction and development of what will, upon completion, be the largest solar power projects in the world. […]

Possible Energy Market Manipulation Surfaces in Texas

In Houston, energy trading firms Aspire Commodities LP and Raiden Commodities LP have filed motions in federal court against GDF Suez, a regional supplier of electricity in Texas. The company is accused of using its size and power in the energy market to artificially drive prices in its favor. By allegedly hoarding and then dumping […]

Fukushima Working On Renewable Energy Research

The area that was hit by the worst nuclear meltdown since Chernobyl is working on renewable energy in the wake of the catastrophic nuclear collapse. The Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute is opening to begin work on renewable energy solutions that will take the place of plants like the reactor that collapsed. With this new initiative […]

Challenges for China’s Green Economy

China has been making efforts to improve their green economy, but there have been a number of problems standing in their way. They have been facing problems with pollution as well as problems with international competitors and investment. China has been recommended to increase their investment strategies and improve their ability to compete on the […]

“Deep Green” Kites Collect Tidal Energy

A group of researches in Sweden just recently began using the science of tidal wave currents to collect electricity. This is a collection project that has only emerged in recent years. The devices used have been named “Deep Green” and navigate through the ocean in an advanced trajectory. They are first researchers that have found […]

Approximate Computing is the Future

Computers are going a new route to improve efficiency. Researchers are now looking at “approximate computing” as the future of computers. Approximate computing is a fundamental shift in how computers work. Computers have a history of being programmed to be a precise calculator. For a lot of computer processes, a precise calculation is not needed. […]

Tesla Batteries: Will They Change Solar Power?

The lithium ion battery packs that are found in the new wave of Tesla automobiles are doing more than simply powering high-priced cars. These battery packs are ushering in a new wave of energy technology. They are being found on rooftop solar panels that store electricity, but why is this the case? The battery pack […]