German Firm Develops Giant Crystal Ball That Will Make Solar Energy More Competitive

One of the reasons why solar energy has not been very competitive with other forms of energy, is the inability of solar panels to convert all the light energy that hits them into energy that can be used. The average conversion rate for solar panels is 21.5 percent.

In an effort to improve the competitiveness of solar energy, a German firm has developed an enormous crystal ball filled with water that maximizes the sunlight that it receives. This giant crystal ball is a powerful lens and works by concentrating sunlight onto a collector.

The revolutionary crystal ball is approximately 30 percent efficient and triples the amount of energy collected by swiveling solar panels. The efficiency is due to the ball’s ability to capture light not only from the sun, but also from the moon. It also has the capacity to track the sunlight even on a cloudy day and concentrate the light it receives.


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