EMRF Study Analyzes Reliability of Electricity Market Types

The Electric Market Research Foundation, or EMRF, recently released the results of a new statistical study indicating that geographical regions served by traditionally regulated utility companies have access to more reliable electricity than do regions with restructured electricity markets. Traditionally regulated utility markets are those markets that are based on the customary requirements and regulation […]

Approximate Computing is the Future

Computers are going a new route to improve efficiency. Researchers are now looking at “approximate computing” as the future of computers. Approximate computing is a fundamental shift in how computers work. Computers have a history of being programmed to be a precise calculator. For a lot of computer processes, a precise calculation is not needed. […]

Tesla Batteries: Will They Change Solar Power?

The lithium ion battery packs that are found in the new wave of Tesla automobiles are doing more than simply powering high-priced cars. These battery packs are ushering in a new wave of energy technology. They are being found on rooftop solar panels that store electricity, but why is this the case? The battery pack […]