Tesla Batteries: Will They Change Solar Power?

Lithium ionThe lithium ion battery packs that are found in the new wave of Tesla automobiles are doing more than simply powering high-priced cars. These battery packs are ushering in a new wave of energy technology. They are being found on rooftop solar panels that store electricity, but why is this the case?

The battery pack substituting as a storage unit for energy allows customers to keep from paying high rates when they need energy the most. In essence, the battery packs are allowing companies like Solar City to become the first line of defense against energy rate hikes. The company knows that customers can stay on the grid but not use the grid as much.

The trend also seems to be growing as another company, Stem, is partnering with Tesla to make sure that more customers have access to these battery packs and energy storage solutions.

While Tesla only makes cars right now, it won’t be long before they are on the frontline of energy reform in this country.